Kiwi is native to China and most local supermarkets. It’s got more Vitamin C than a similarly sized orange, and tons of antioxidants and phytonutrients (phytonutrients, simply put, protect your health and ultimately your life).  They’re also high in Vitamin E, fiber, potassium, magnesium, copper, and phosphorus.  In case you were wondering, these are all very good things.  Additionally, incorporating kiwi into your regular diet can help protect you from asthma, macular degeneration, and cardiovascular disease.  Again, very good things happen when you eat kiwi.

Interesting bit of history about kiwi….Americans “discovered” this delicious fruit in 1961 and dubbed it the Chinese gooseberry.  In 1962, the name was changed to kiwi because the fruit resembles a type of bird of the same name that is native to New Zealand. 

See the resemblance? No? I don’t really either. This is sick, but what if the insides of the bird looked the same as the fruit if you cut it in half?  Wouldn’t that be weird?

Okay, onto more important matters. When you buy kiwi, go for the fruit that is firm, yet yields to gentle pressure when you squeeze it.  If it’s like this, it’s perf.  If it doesn’t give when you squeeze it, it’s not ripe enough.  If you squeeze it and green goo comes out, it’s too ripe.  As the Buddha would say, find the middle way.  He probably wasn’t talking about kiwis, but I think it still applies.

Kiwis are delish when eaten by themselves, peeled and sliced.  You can also add them to fruit salad or smoothies, or juice them and enjoy them that way.  You can even top green salads with them, or use them to make a chutney with orange and pineapple.  This can be eaten alone or you can put it on chicken or fish.  Yums!  Go get some kiwi!


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  1. Skeletor on

    I’ve heard that you can throw a kiwi in the freezer and after it’s frozen, you take it out, cut it in half and then eat the insides with a spoon as a dessert. Have you ever tried that? Sounds awesome to me.

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