One person (you know who you are) has brought to my attention that a couple of my recent posts will in no way help to burn any goo.  I know that this individual is correct, but while the focus of this blog is to discuss, share, and promote a healthy diet and lifestyle, there are going to be times where unhealthy items cannot be avoided (or denied).

One of our primary goals with this life change is to be realistic, and the reality is that sometimes I’m going to feed my kids donuts, or enjoy some ice cream, or cook morels in butter. Because, let’s be honest, cooking them any other way is just blasphemous.  However, we realize these moments need to happen infrequently, and that’s what we are striving for.

Anyway, my point here is to let anyone reading this (Hello? Anyone? Is anyone out there? I think I hear crickets…) know that I am only human.  I am trying to be a better human, but I am still human.  And sometimes a girl just needs a brownie sundae with hot fudge and sprinkles and cookie dough pieces.  All I’m sayin’.


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  1. Rachel on

    You can be like me and walk 2 miles to get a cookie. Then it’s not so bad…

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