The Last of the Unhealthies

This weekend, Trent and I declared war on the remaining unhealthy items in our kitchen.  It was a hard-fought battle with both sides giving it their all, but in the end, we prevailed.  We filled two garbage bags of throw-away stuff and one other bag of stuff to give away.  All that remained were healthy items, like brown rice, organic apples, wheat bulgur, and organic milk.  Except this……

Somehow, this beignet mix managed to survive the revolution. If you’re unsure what a beignet is, allow me to fill you in.  Beignets are delightful little bits of fried dough heaven….soft on the inside, slightly crispy on the outside, coated in sugar, and best served warm with coffee.  They are positively magical.  You can go to the French Quarter in New Orleans and get them, or you can do like I did and be lucky enough to have a wonderful friend bring some mix back for you when she goes to New Orleans.  (Or you can order them online, get them at World Market, or probably a number of other ways. But whatever, not important.) 

So there sat my box of beignet mix…one lone, fattening, calorie-laden box of goodness.  I just couldn’t bear to part with it.  What was I to do with this sad relic of our past? Should I leave it in the pantry to collect dust? Should I tell Trent to do what he must with it while I shielded my eyes from the horror of him throwing it in the trash?  Would a food pantry even want it? 

Of course, I had to make beignets.  I realize this goes against everything that this blog stands for, and beignets really have no place in our lives anymore.  But none of the above-listed options worked for me.  Plus, I had a couple extra kids at my place, and I’m 100% certain if I put a plate of scrambled egg whites with spinach and turkey bacon in front of them, it would have gone to waste.  So yeah…..I made beignets.

That’s what they looked like.  All nice and warm and doughy and….mmmm….honey…mmm…sugar….mmmmm.  Sorry, I got distracted.  It happens when beignets are involved.

Close up!

“Thanks for the beignets, Mom. You’re the BEST!”  (I just love creating captions…they don’t have to be real, and I can make up whatever I want.)

“Aunt Chandra, these are truly amazing.  You are, like, the coolest aunt in the world.  These are way more awesome than my hot pink cast!”

“These are so good, I think I’ll have another. Come here, you.”

“These are, like, psychedelically good, man…..”  (I swear there are no illegal ingredients in these….this is just what happens when someone eats a beignet.)

So this was my house on Sunday morning.  It was a happy place. I liked it.  I did feel a twinge of guilt, like I’ve gone back on my word to ban unhealthy items from my house…. but I’ll get over it.


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  1. Elaine on


  2. Erin O. on

    Oh, we loooovvvveee beignets. In fact, we have made it part of our Christmas day tradition- eat breakfast and then after opening presents, start up the fryer.

  3. Lois Greene on

    Healthy eating is about making good CHOICES, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t occasionally make other CHOICES. That’s what keeps you eating healthy as a lifestyle — it’s about mindfulness. Thanks for writing this great blog. I’m a new fan.

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