Workin’ Out for Jesus

Okay, so I was trying to think of a title for this post, and I just wasn’t feeling “Sunday Work Out.”  I already have “Tuesday Work Out, ” so I felt like I needed something different.  Of course, for a lot of people, Sunday is dedicated to Jesus and church and all that, and with this being Easter Sunday, I thought of course….”Workin’ Out for Jesus.”  It was no-brainer.

Plus, it reminded me of this news story I saw recently about a group of women that meet up once a month to pole dance for Jesus.  Um….yes.  That’s what I said.  “Shuuuutttt uuupppp….” I thought when I saw the headline.  Then I watched this video:  And then I watched it two more times.  It’s sort of like crack.  And….do you think these girls give themselves stripper names during these work outs?  Like, Rebecca becomes Sparkle, and Joanie is now Jasmine, and Stephanie is Bambi.  You get the picture….I just like inventing stripper names.  

So, back to MY work out, which doesn’t include any pole dancing.  But only because poles cost around $300.  Okay, Sunday workouts include the following:

20 V-ups
20 burpees (weird name, huh?)
20 mountain climbers
20 push-ups
20 kettlebell snatches (each arm)
20 kettlebell swings
20 kettlebell clean and presses (each arm)

FYI….if you don’t know what some of these are, and I’m sure you don’t because I didn’t either, then you really should just youtube it.  I couldn’t even begin to explain it, and if I tried it would take many, many words and this would turn into another two-part post.  And that doesn’t need to happen ever again.  You’re welcome.

Here’s the thing about this particular workout though…I don’t like it.  I don’t know why, but I don’t.  Yes, it’s hard for me, but so are the other workouts I do.  I don’t mind doing the other ones though.  But this one….I just really, really, really don’t like it.  I’ve done it for 7 weeks now, and my feelings haven’t changed.  I’ve gotten better at it, and I see improvement, but I’m still not into it. 

So you know what I did?  I whined to Trent about it.

“I don’t like this work out,” I moaned.

“So?” he said, rolling his eyes.

“So find something else for me to do!” I demanded.  Of course, he immediately obliged.  He always does everything I tell him.

Just kidding.  He really tried to talk me into continuing it, but I managed to finally convince him that I just really, honestly, truly have no love for this one.  But, I’m totally willing to do other stuff.  And this is the beauty of working out, whether you have a partner, or a trainer, or you’re doing it on your own.  It’s versatile.  It can be altered.  It can be changed to suit your personal needs and tastes.  I’m lucky because I have Trent to help me find exercises that are appropriate for me and my skill level (which is Level 1: Special Needs, btw), but even if you don’t have that, there are literally thousands of resources online to help you put together a plan that works for you.  Or just hit up Trent.  He likes when I offer out his services anyway.

I’ll keep ya posted on what we change up. 




2 comments so far

  1. Tara on

    Hey Mystique, just have trent put up a pole for you & get humpin. I mean, workin:)

  2. Tara on

    Hey Mystique, just have Trent put up a pole for you and get to humpin. I mean get to workin :)

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