10 Things I Do When I’m Home with a Sick Kid

Yeast-less beer bread. Yum.

1. Alternate between feelings of pity for the sick child, happiness over not being at work, and despair at my dwindling number of vacation hours.

2. Think about making bread to once and for all overcome my fear of yeast.

3. Decide that yeast is still intensely terrifying and opt for a simple, yeast-less beer bread instead.  You may notice a piece already missing from the pan.  It’s because I ate it.

4. Ignore the 9 piles of laundry in my bedroom.

5. Begin watching “Children of the Corn,” then decide that He Who Walks Behind the Rows is still creepy 27 years later and I better wait until Trent gets home.

6. Comfort sick child with extra hugs, macaroni and cheese, Tylenol, and total control of the remote.

Got my nails did.

7. Continue ignoring the 9 piles of laundry and paint my toenails instead.  It’s all about prioritizing.

8. Make beans.  Does that sound weird? Just….make beans?  I think it does.  But it’s what I’m doing.  So there.

9. Trip over dirty clothes on the floor, nearly slamming my face into a dresser, and decide that I should probably start some laundry for my own safety.

10. Eat. Ugh. 

It was a productive day.

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