Six-Year Old Boy + Hillbilly Teeth = I Don’t Even Know

The other night at dinner, my boy found a set of these in the silverware drawer. (And no, I do not know why they were in the silverware drawer.  I also do not know why Hot Wheels cars are in my toilet sometimes.  Pretty mysterious, huh?) 

Anyway, aren’t they attractive?

Of course, these were much more exciting than my dinner of chicken, green beans, and sweet taters.  (Ha!…taters…get it? Taters…hillbillies…fine, I’ll stop now.)  Plus, they’re HILARIOUS.  Right?  RIGHT? 

Well, this kid thinks they are.

Go ahead and take a guess at how much time was spent putting dinner in his mouth versus time spent putting hillbilly teeth in his mouth.

Let’s just say I had a request for a pb&j at 8:30 that night.

The teeth have since been confiscated.  I needed them for something else anyway.


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