Two Things

1. This is going to be a cooking weekend….I think.  I have plans to make several dishes and desserts this weekend, partly because we’re going to a barbeque and I need to take something, but partly because I laid awake last night thinking about food (a common occurence for me) and I felt strongly that I needed to make stuff.  However, there is also a strong possibility that my laziness will overtake my motivation and desire to cook, and I might just lay around in my cut-off sweatpants and watch Hoarders.  Only time will tell.  Anyway, the point of this is that I should have several posts coming up in the next week or so, and they’re all going to be food-related.  Which leads me to my next point…..

2. I started this blog in April with the intention of it being a place where people could get healthy recipes, exercise tips, and just basic information on living a healthy lifestyle.  For that reason, and also that, at the time, I was doing a lot of P90X, I decided to name the blog burnsomegoo.  Not surprisingly (if you know me), my focus has shifted.  Even though we still practice healthy eating and exercising at home, lately my posts have had less and less to do with that stuff.  And there’s going to be some completely unhealthy chocolate recipes coming up.  But I’m okay with this shift.  Things evolve and change, and I just like to roll with whatever mood I’m in and write about whatever, even if it makes me sound weird and kooky.  Because let’s be honest here, friends, if someone had to describe me in 10 adjectives or less, weird and kooky would probably make the cut. 

So….and yes, I do have a point here…..I’m considering making some changes.  First off, I don’t think burnsomegoo really fits anymore.  A name change is probably in order.  What that will be, I haven’t decided yet.  Unfortunately, wordpress won’t let me just up and change the name of my blog.  So, I’m most likely going to create a website under a new name and continue blogging on that.  If I go that route, I will definitely let y’all know. If I don’t, then you’ll still be able to find me on here with my ill-fitting name.  What are your thoughts on this?


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