I’m Back and I’m Not Possessed by the Spirit of William Lemp. Damn.

Me and Amanda just got back from St. Louis the other day and you know what?  NO ONE CARED.

Seriously, I thought there might be a banner in the yard, maybe some confetti and party poppers, but definitely throngs of people hiding inside waiting to scream, “Welcome Back, Chandi!”  I mean, I was gone for 36 hours.  SHIT.  You’d think someone would notice.

But they didn’t.  Instead, I returned to a dark house filled with dirty dishes, cereal ground into the carpet, and cat barf on my side of the bed.  Oh, and Trent developed a new obsession in my absence.  He wants to build his own motorcycle.  Youtube is going to teach him how. This should be entertaining.  That reminds me….I need to call our State Farm guy to up his life insurance policy.


I’m going to post a longer blog later about all of our paranormal and not-paranormal experiences in St. Louis.  I just wanted to let you all know that I wasn’t possessed by a spirit entity.

Toodles for now.


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