So I’m changing stuff around on here.  Don’t be alarmed…it’s sort of like rearranging your living room to give it a new, fresh look, even though it’s still basically the same.  Side bar:  I CAN’T rearrange my living room, even though I desperately want to.  Isn’t that sad?  We have, like, four doorways and a fireplace, and that really limits what I can do, furniturely-speaking.  So annoying.  Wait, maybe you guys can help me.  Here’s what it looks like:

These pictures are kind of old, and some stuff has changed, but not the basic layout of the furniture.  If you have some ideas, lay ’em on me.

Anyway.  I got really off topic.  Sorry.

So I’m moving some categories, getting rid of some, and changing the look of the blog.  And I changed the name, which you probably noticed as well.  I think this one just fits a little better, and I hope to change the web address soon, too.  Let me know what y’all think; I’d love some feedback!


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