So it’s 879 degrees outside.  I have on a t-shirt and cut-offs.  I sweat profusely when I leave my air-conditioned home.  I spent a large portion of the day at the pool alternating between a lounge chair, brief dips in the water, and staring in open-mouthed wonder at some of the people that hit up the Grandview public pool.  And….oh! I almost forgot…we saw a for real ninja on the way to the pool.  I’m not making this up.  This guy was dressed in solid black, lightweight material (ideal for roundhouse kicks, I presume), he had on a black half mask, and he had a sword strapped to his back.  Dude was just walking down the street like, “What?”  I stared.  I stared hard.

Anyway, it felt like a sangria kind of evening. 

It helped that I had the stuff and I needed to clear some space in my fridge anyway.  Plus, sangria is super easy and takes like 2 minutes to make.  Honestly, this stuff should be called sangreeable.  Now isn’t the cute and clever?

All you need is this:

Wine (red or white), ginger ale (or club soda), agave nectar (and/or sugar), a lime, lemon, and an orange.  This is what I’m talking about, people.  This is my happiness.

First pour the wine into a pitcher, letting it cascade down as you inhale the delightful aromas of passionfruit and citrus, with a note of freshly cut grass.  That’s what it says on the bottle anyway. 

And for the love of God, if you have a nice, attractive glass pitcher, use it.  Don’t be lame like me and use a cheap plastic one that you got at Wal-Mart 10 years ago.  Sangreeable deserves a beautiful vessel from which to be poured.

Next, pour in the ginger ale or club soda.

And now the agave and/or sugar.

All that’s left now is the fruit.  I told you guys this was easy.  Cut up your lime, lemon, and orange, halving them but slicing a couple pieces off of each to add to the sangria for decoration.  What?  It needs to be pretty.

Now take all the fruit (with the exception of the pretty, thin slices) and squeeze the juice into the pitcher, like this:

And actually, when you’re squeezing a citrus fruit into anything, you really want to hold it in the palm of your hand and let the juice run through your fingers.  That way, you catch any seeds that would otherwise fall into the drink or food you’re making.  I had a picture of me doing it this way, but my arm and hand looked really weird, so I  just used this one instead.  Okay?

Once you’ve got all the fruit juice squeezed in, give it a good stir, mixing everything around and dissolving any sugar.  Go ahead and take a drink of it to make sure it’s just right, and then maybe even take another swig to double check.  It’s totally up to you.

Float the lemon and lime slices on top, and add any other fruit you have on hand that you think would look pretty.  I had blackberries from the farmers’ market, so in they went.

Now, do you want to know what my idea of a perfect summer night is?  It’s really pretty simple.

You take this:

Plus this:

Plus this:

And it equals this:

And that, my friends, is my definition of relaxation.  You know, I always hated math and equations and things in school, but when it involves adding together sangria, a hammock, and a vampire book, I think I like it. 

1 bottle white or red wine
1 -2 c. ginger ale or club soda
2/3 c. sweetener (I did 1/3 c. agave and 1/3 c. sugar)
1 lime
1 lemon
1 orange
fruit for garnishing

Pour the wine into a pitcher; add the ginger ale and sweetener.  Halve the lime, lemon, and orange, cutting off and setting aside a couple of thin slivers for garnishing.  Squeeze citrus juice into wine mixture; stir thoroughly.  Add fruit slivers and any other fruit for decoration.  Pour into glass.  Chug.  Sip delicately.


2 comments so far

  1. Pippa on

    I love this post, but why does your wine taste like fresh cut grass? That’s scaring me a bit… :)

  2. Liz Craft on

    delightful…once again…you make me smile

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