Homemade Vegan Ravioli: Fail (Take Two)

Allow me to preface this post by saying that I recently became the owner of an iPad. While I love it, it’s quite the learning curve for me and I’m not really sure yet what I’m doing. Hence, the previous post was published with a picture and no words. And let’s be honest, I’m a word person. So bear with me while I figure out how to post blogs on the iPad. I feel like someone’s 86 year old grandma who was just introduced to a computer for the first time (i.e., I have no clue how this confounded thing works).

Also, I type really, really slow on this thing. Like Chase slow. It’s annoying. (You know what else is annoying? People who go to Redboxes with no idea of what they want to rent so they stand there and read the plot summary to every friggin movie in the box completely oblivious to the line growing behind them. Oh, and it’s raining. Just wanted to put that out there.)


So I tried to make homemade ravioli tonight. VEGAN homemade ravioli, which means no cheese was involved, which is sort of the whole point of ravioli, no? I mean, in it’s basic form it’s really just another excuse to eat cheese. Alas, I live with The One Who Won’t Eat Cheese Anymore Cause He’s Weird.

So anyhow I found this recipe for vegan cheeseless ravioli (why, God, why?) and decided to just go for it. TWO HOURS later, this is what I had:


And this is what my kitchen looked like:


Here’s what the other side of my kitchen looked like. Oh and look! There’s Trent ordering pizza, cheeseless for him of course:


Anyway, I learned some valuable information from my first venture into ravioli making.

1. Don’t do it on a weeknight; it takes way to long (at least for me it did).
2. Always put cheese in it. I think this is why the ravioli failed; it turned against me because I kept the best part away from it and it got pissed at me. It was probably thinking, “What the hell is this moron doing? She’s ruining me, ruining me I tell you!!!”
3. Make the raviolis thinner and smaller. Big, thick raviolis are just weird and chewy.
4. Drink while making raviolis. By the time you finish, you’ll either be drunk or well on your way to it, and chances are good they’ll turn out edible at the end regardless of their size, thickness, chewiness, and cheeselessness. Well maybe not that last one.
5. Say you have a cramps and make someone else clean up the mess. You did go to all that hard work after all to prepare a nutritious and vegan meal for them.



2 comments so far

  1. Sherry on

    Awesome! You’re adorable! Always a terrific job at telling a story. Makes me laugh. :)

  2. Liz Craft on

    What on earth is the filling if no meat or cheese is allowed? Sounds uber sad. Like a jelly donut with no jelly. Or a margarita with no Jose Cuervo!

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